The Game Band are doing a Great Job!

There’s a plethora of cliches that we use to talk about the disaster that 2020 has been. While most of the problems we’re seeing are nothing new, it feels like things are more oppressive and dire than ever. It’s during these times of strife that people need ways to connect and come together, to support each other and find meaning in a largely meaningless world. For many, sports are just that. But then The Game Band added something that we didn’t know we needed. A single letter: L.

What they have created is a funny, terrifying, and bizarre universe. It’s one that strongly reflects the world we find ourselves in: random, scary and painful events happen constantly, often harming the most vulnerable among us. And yet through the developer’s hard work and the community’s vision, the world of Blaseball is simultaneously one in which we can react and create a future that is more supportive, inclusive, loving, and joyful in the face of whatever adversity we face.

You can’t help but see much of our COVID-laden world mirrored within this special little splort. Our leaders and Gods give sparse, confusing, and often unhelpful messages. Those we care about can be hurt, without warning. We have to face a future that is completely uncertain and unknowable. Moreover though, in both the world and blaseball, the connections we form with other people are the best and most important part of it all.

Those connections have become a beautiful, diverse community, one that’s the reason for this letter and entire project. Within a universe with so many stark similarities to our own, this community time and time again has decided to take control of the narrative, often finding humor or new opportunities in what could otherwise be treated as pure tragedy. Together, we’ve all created a world where every perspective is valued, and one where our stars are more representative than any other media. Blaseball is a world where the first ever incinerated player was brought back to life by a massive, coordinated campaign. We deliberately sabotaged an entire pitching lineup to spite the Gods. Together we rescued a favorite player threatened with being sidelined for the next season. These stories are evidence of a community taking agency in a malevolent world fraught with mind control and uninhibited umpires. While we may look outside and feel powerless at wave after wave of bad news, we can escape to the world of Blaseball, take part in a community which shapes its past, present, and future.

Blaseball began as a side project for the development team, and in a way, that makes sense. It’s a baseball simulator, with some idle game mechanics thrown in. But for us it’s much more than that. Is it any surprise, that in a horrifying world where people are more likely to be stuck at home than ever, a community has connected so passionately with a constantly running, absurd combination of story, athletics, and video games? Blaseball has been a perfect storm, where people can have agency in response to everyday horror and hardship. A storm that, without The Game Band, would not be possible. They’ve developed a safe space for so many kind and wonderful people, and helped foster a supportive, inclusive culture. For so many of us, Blaseball has become a kind of refuge from, well, everything. A refuge, that wouldn’t be possible without The Game Band’s work, dedication, creativity, and time. Sincerely, thank you, so much. You’re doing the best job.

Written by CoMoo (@Raginbrook), on behalf of everyone participating in the cultural event of blaseball

Thanks from community groups:

Since SIBR's beginnings in Season 2, you've always been incredibly supportive of our projects and work. Thank you for letting us celebrate Blaseball in an incredible way, and we hope we're keeping you on your toes as much as you're keeping us on ours. SIBR
You've been an incredible group that has enabled us to do something amazing, for the community of Blaseball, and for the community of the world. We look forward to so many more seasons in the future, and all the incredible things you'll do with them. There's not enough words in the world to speak to our gratitude towards you all. Thank you so much. Blaseball Cares
Was making the wiki a bad idea? Well, maybe. For many of us on the wiki team, we were not expecting this to be a project to occupy our time for more than a weekend or two. But without it we wouldn't have been able to see all these community stories come together, all in one place. Thank you for being the fiery air beneath our constantly burning wings.
P.S.: Please stop changing the name of the Wild Wings, it's very chaotic.
Wiki Team
This game, and its community, wouldn't be nearly as special without the care and attention you have given. You work so incredibly hard for us making blaseball the best it can be, and it shows. It’s clear how much all of you care about the community and how willing you are to make sure people are comfortable. It’s very refreshing to see content creators who are so open to listening and actively taking their feedback on board.The community you’ve curated is so diverse, which you wouldn’t see in regular sports! Many of us never thought we could be interested in sports— turns out we needed Splorts instead!
You all have adapted so well to the unexpected (but entirely deserved) increase in your fandom. Cake, you work so hard being a keeper and helping all of us out, and we couldn’t have done all of this without you. Heck, you were the first keeper, so we may not have existed (at least, not the way we are now) without you being there! Thank you for everything and for trusting us with the amazing community that you all have built through your stories, humor, and willingness to embrace chaos.
The Keepers

Thanks from your teams:

Dear The Game Band — The Baltimore Crabs recognize that the cultural phenomenon of Blaseball kind of just manifested on your computers, or wherever you keep it, and that you cannot be held responsible for its creation. However, through its maintenance, you've allowed 20 wonderful little communities like ours to exist and flourish, creating more memories in a few short months than can be counted on 1705 pairs of tiny claws. Through the highs and lows, the Crabs will always appreciate the work you've done to bring us Blaseball, as well as Tillman Henderson, who brings us together as a common enemy in these trying times. Claws Up. Play Ball. Baltimore Crabs
Thank you for creating this funky social experiment. Blaseball has not only given us a platform for forming a wonderful community full of lovely creative people, but it has also taught us how to have hope; both in the game, and outside of it. Boston Flowers
Thank you for creating blaseball. We've enjoyed jamming with you and we're glad you keep it jazzy. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got winning to do, just for you. Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Thank you for providing us such a fascinating game and a place to share our experiences with it together. We've had some ups and downs as a team and as a community, but it's been a joy to spend those in the company of fellow fans. From losing Richmond and Hobbs to feedback to rallying around Necromancy, creating bizzare and cursed Mascots season to season, and sharing soft and sweet headcanons and stories about our characters, blaseball has provided such a fertile place to come together and collaborate on a variety of levels. Over the past months there's been a truly staggering amount of fanfiction, drawings, videos and music created by and for the community, and it's all thanks to your hard work in keeping blaseball going. On behalf of the fans of the Canada Moist Talkers, thank you for giving us this experience, and we're looking forward to the next chapters. Canada Moist Talkers
Thank you so much for creating a space for so many amazing communities to form. Our Kicks are Your Kicks! Charleston Shoe Thieves
The many citizens of Chicago would like to express their thanks for giving us a lovely place to call our own, for giving us the opportunity to come together with our new teammates, and for giving us the opportunity to participate in the wonderful cultural event that is the splort of Blaseball. We wish you luck and success as we follow along on this merry ride you're creating. We are from Chicago, and we all thank you! Chicago Firefighters
we're proud of you
p.s. stay hydrated
Dallas Steaks
While Never Look Back may be the motto of the Hades Tigers, we'd like to take this time to reflect on and express our thanks to The Game Band for creating a game that has been so deeply engaging over the past few months.
We've been brought to literal screams and tears, riding a rollercoaster of dramatic emotion as we've rallied behind our team, from the heights of Elysium getting into our first playoffs, to the suffering of Tartarus as we lost Landry as our first incineration during those playoffs, to sorrow as deep as all the Rivers of Hades during Ruby Tuesday.
No matter what the game has thrown at us, we have done our best to take it in stride and Never Look Back. We're endlessly appreciative of the Olympian effort you've put into the creation of the game and the framework for the community. You've cultivated an amazing space where many of us feel safe to express our love, hopes, fears, angst, and so many other emotions about the game and our lives, both with each other and through fanwork. The collaborative spirit that imbues blaseball, not only between the fans, but between us and The Game Band, is something we deeply treasure. We hope to inhabit the Sixth Circle for years to come.
Many Stripes. One Tiger. Eternal gratitude.
Hades Tigers
Aloha! 2020 has been a year of chaos, and for so many of us, Blaseball has been an outlet that leans into that chaos. Blaseball says "Yes, anything bad can happen at any time. Yes, there is real pain and suffering in the world that we can't ever hope to control." But more than that, Blaseball has also given so many people so much to love. At the Fridays' home base, it's given us a space to embrace the uncontrollable ocean and encourage us to pour out love to our players and and the world that you've created. Thank you for giving us the space to connect and share the vibes. From the Hawaii Fridays, we wish that everyone at TGB can ride the wave and enjoy island time. We lava to party with you. Hawaii Fridays
Thank you for putting up with our chaotic temperament and lack of brain cell. We love you and are grateful for being in the Hellmouth now. Please don't come to the Hellmouth. ps: ave pope sunman Hellmouth Sunbeams
For your aid in preparing us a perfect front, and the perpetuation of chaos across the Immaterial Plane, the Houston Spies send their regards. Houston Spies
Thank you for everything you've done to make Blaseball happen. We've made friendships, memes, and tons of fanart on the framework you provided us. It's been an incredible journey so far and we're excited to see where this story takes us. Our community has grown into a wonderful place, and a lot of us have found friendship and comradery while wading through this madness together. Kansas City Breath Mints
On behalf of the Mexico City Wild Wings: thank you. As a small team in a numbers game, the odds are stacked against us “winning” the “game,” but that’s not really what we’ve gotten out of Blaseball. Our small size does not mean we have little pride or puny dreams; quite the opposite. So, in response to our “demotion” in-game, we took action: the lawsuit. Fighting the gods? Too passé – let’s sue them instead. Show the gods and everyone else who we – WE – always were, are, and will be, mainstream opinion be damned. We had a common “enemy” in society’s dismissal of our true selves, and we gave our all to prove them wrong. And in the end, we weren’t merely acknowledged, but went on the books as being the one true authority on who we really are. That’s not the only story - not the only *dialogue* - the Blaseball framework has let us tell, but it’s an important one, with a conclusion we should all aspire to. Thanks for making a better world not just seem possible, but achievable. Mexico City Wild Wings
(translation: thanks for getting the party started!)
Peace love and speedboats, the Dale
Dear TGB,
(Thank you for giving us da Mills and a place to make exquisite acronyms that noone can ever read. You are doing a good job!)
Da Mills
Dear devs, thanks for this jawn.
The Pies.
To Our Dearest The Game Band,
We can sit no longer in silence. We must speak to you by such means as are within our reach. You pierce our soul. we are half agony, half hope. We love you all, from the bottom of our hearts to the heights of the stars.
Thank you ever so much for creating the Cultural Event of Blaseball for without it, we would not exist. You mean the world to us, quite literally.
Your Beloved San Francisco Lovers
An immense thanks to all of you at The Game Band for giving us this space and this creative outlet within which we have been able to come together to make truly amazing things--a lot of what we've done as a community wouldn't have been possible without something like Blaseball to work upon. Seattle Garages
Hi. Hello. First of all: we love you. Second of all: Please join us in our hand holding chain sometime. Third of all: thank you so, so very much for putting up with our shenanigans. It has been a wild ride for the Tacos, and is likely going to get wilder, but for the entire time that has been happening we have had each other in this great, BIG, absolutely amazing community. Thank you, TGB, for giving us this space to come together. It's helped some of us more than you may ever know.
Also, please remember to take care of yourselves! Self care is important when you are engaging in a cultural event. Drink some water, have a taco, join in our hand holding club (really that would be cool) and give yourselves a pat on the back for being so awesome!
Thank you The Game Band!!! We from Magic want to thank you profusely for providing an incredible game with so much endless space to explore for folks of all perspectives. There's a place for everyone in blaseball. Even more than that, we want to thank you for creating a space where we feel like we belong in your game's story through the community you've fostered. So many people have made real, lasting connections and friendships through blaseball thanks to all the work you put in, and we think that's pretty magical.
In short? The commissioner continues to do a great job.
Yellowstone Magic

Thanks from many many many people:

(417 to be exact)

I’ve been with the Blaseball discord since season 2 started and one of my earliest memories was becoming a Dale member in the discord only to discover the channel was empty! With great hesitation I said ¡Dale! into the void and one or two voices echoed my cry. Slowly this team grew and grew and grew and despite the fact we joke about only being 12 people sitting in a circle, I’ve found a group of some of the most creative, sweet, and vibin folks thanks to this fake sport you made. This silly little baseball game has become such a massive and important light in my life and I can’t ever say thank you enough so this one will have to do. Thank you and ¡Dale! Cancakes
Thank you for all of your effort in making this amazing community experience happen! Ch4zm of Hellmouth
Blaseball has been such a wonderful experience in this year of 2020. I have made so many new friends, gotten to be part of so many chaotic and dramatic events, and have found new avenues of creativity and story telling. Thank you for all the work you do to make blaseball the cultural event it is. We are all love blaseball. Liv
TGB, thank you so much for your beautiful video game. Being the founder of the wiki and watching this community explode around your game through creative fiction writing has been one of my great joys. Blaseball keeps me up at night, in a good way, and I look forward to each new season with great anticipation. Here's to another incredible 10 seasons, and many more beyond. Steven_, local wiki admin
Thank you guys so much for doing all this. This game and this community brightens my day. FernPool
Fight gods, steal their shoes! We are all love blaseball. Zeegux DeGoblin
Hey, Game Band. I love your game a lot. I've enjoyed being part of the small section of the community that is the steaks fanbase the most, and I'd like to thank you all so much for making it. Even though the steaks don't get to be involved in the metaplot as much as the larger teams inherently do, we still love the game. We are all love Blaseball. Rowan Wordsmith, First Captain of the Dallas Steaks' Discord Channel.
Blaseball came at a really really tough part of my life. I had just lost a community I had been in for over 2 years. I lost a lot of friends and a lot of safe places. Then my friend introduced me to blaseball, talked about the peanut fraud, the forbidden book, the delacings. They also talked about the community, and how wonderful it was. I decided to make blasebot to help take my mind off the events of that week, and so I joined SIBR. Then I soon joined the main server a week or two later (about the time blasebot was added to the main server), and found such an amazing community. I have made so many friends, had such wonderful experinces, and in my two months here, I have felt more at home and comfortable and safe then any other community I have ever been in. Thank you for making such a wonderful game that has brought together so many wonderful people. 💛💛💛 Bee
Thank you for all the hard work, sweat and tears you guys have poured onto Blaseball! You have created something beautiful, something that has united people like few things have during these difficult times. <3 koko, a Steaks fan
Thank you for all your work creating blaseball, as well as moderating and listening to the community. Y'all are awesome and I'm so glad that I've been able to participate in this cultural event <3 (also, sorry for sending in the name Homestuck (and 777)) thr33
I signed on to blaseball in season 2, completely ready for a whacky baseball game with my at the time partner. What I instead found was a community, full of people who are full of love, and fun, and care. During Blaseball I have gone through some of the worst days in my entire life, and the only reason I made it through was because I had a place to run away to, and have even a half a second away from everything that was happening, where I can watch a dumb drawing of a squid scare a peanut and then proceed to talk to people about how much it hurt to lose a player we loved. A place where I was actually able to share a fraction of what I was feeling and be heard. And none that would have happened if it wasn’t for you guys. I’ve been here since the beginning, I’ll be here til the end, and it’s all because you all made a beautifully horrific game and fostered a beautiful community. You guys have quite literally changed my life in a way I never thought possible from a couple of dots and squares and numbers, and I absolutely can’t thank you enough for it. Bryan Claypool
The Game Band Is Doing A Great Job! prototype27
blaseball has made me genuinely excited for a sports-adjacent game for the first time in years and brought me new friends as well as making me closer to old ones. we are all love blaseball so much and i hope youre getting as much rest as you can!!!! ash
You've given me thrills, chills, and one enduring friendship. Also an incomprehensible japanese horror flick about a girl named Kung-Fu. Mechtroid
Your bizarre little project has sparked so much joy in the hearts of so many. Anguish and despair, too. But mostly joy. I have made new friends from this project. I have flexed writing muscles that have atrophied for years. I have had FUN and every day I am excited to wake up and see what fresh madness has occurred while I slept. Thank you for providing this truly unique internet space. Thank you for BEING the cultural event that is blaseball. We are all love blaseball, and I are all love you. Cassie Tastrophe ~ Garage Ambassador
Thank you so much for Blaseball and helping us build this amazing community! Spiral_Joe
Why do we make art? Why do we tell stories? I believe it's because they connect us with other people. I'm a musician--I've played in orchestras for several years. I know what it means to create something TOGETHER. The symphony of Blaseball has built an entire community, one that creates and laughs and cries and shakes its fists TOGETHER. Blaseball has fed my soul in a time when I felt desperately alone. There's nothing more fulfilling than returning every day to a phenomenal collective effort, to see what happened, and to fall in love with this game and this community all over again every time we're thrown for a new loop together. How amazing it is that you've created this perfect way to forge connections and build bridges in a time when those are some of the hardest things to do. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Clem Errol Pearson
I was introduced to blaseball during an incredibly lonely time for myself, so I really can't thank you all enough for creating this absurd game that so many people could connect to. It helped me greatly to be able to join a space that is so welcoming. I've been able to meet people whose paths I probably would have never crossed and make some truly wonderful new friends, and really that's all thanks to you. So, as simple as it may sound, thank you. Beowulf/Em
Blaseball makes me so happy and I love the community, especially my team! Thanks for making these friendships possible! Enby!
You gave us a game, a blagonball, and a story along with it. After you gave inky the blagonball, there is no way in the world I could repay you EpiX
The laughter, fear, and community that has come out of this game has genuinely been the highlight of my 2020. Your creativity, imagination, and improvisation to use the fans' creations and bring them into the game is inspired and should be studied by future game designers. I will follow along for as long as you continue to work on this, even if there are additional siestas, so please make sure to keep yourselves sane. Your mental health matters, the game can wait. hascow
thanks to you, i've been lucky to meet incredible new people online and in person. this community you've brought together has greatly enriched my year. thank you. evan cook
Hi TGB! Thanks for making such a great game, I've had a wonderful time getting involved with the community you've created on discord, and nearly jumped out of my seat at season 9 game X. I look forward to seeing more from this crazy ride! Beatrice
coach says that without the Game Band there wouldnt be blaseball or Yellowstone Magic so thank's for making all this possible its great to spend time with my friends and to run between bases but pitching and batting are questionable inclusions imo maybe you can look into fixing that for me thank's for being a fan i assume yall are fan's love da fan's Sutton Picklestein
blaseball has my life infinitely more enjoyable with the added bonus of making me infinitely more insufferable for my friends to listen to 4rogs
Blaseball has given me something to focus on in the otherwise harrowing nightmare of retail work during a pandemic. Thanks to Blaseball I've found an internet community again. One that's chock-o-clock full of creativity and hope. I hope TGG knows that we couldn't do this without them. <3 Much love to y'all Benny the Inkbot
Thank you so much TGB for all the hard work you've put in to making this great collaborative experience. It means a lot to me and many other, and it's given me something to ocvupy myself with in depressed times. Much love and thanks <3 Alexandra A
To The Game Band, Thank you for creating the weird, wonderful, indescribable thing we love called Blaseball. The joy you've given to the community, and the amazing creativity that has come as a result of our love for the game, are truly things that you as a team should be proud of. I am hopeful Blaseball will have many seasons to come, and I cannot wait to be a part of them. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving us Blaseball. <3 P.S. Go Magic! B, AKA TheSilverWarrior
Thanks for a refreshing and daily activity to brighten these months! Refreshment Simulacrum
Hey, I never really got involved in watching sports but blaseball is so much fun, and I love the energy it has. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing! Selene
Blaseball has been incredible. Seriously, so many people, week in and week out, get so much joy out of the work you folks have done. I can't wait to see where you take it next. On Behalf of the Magic, Archranger Mac
Thank you so much for all your hard work making this and keeping it running! Blaseball is amazing, and it's brought joy to my life at a time where there wasn't much to go around. Luna
you all are doing EXCELLENT work, this story you're building for and with us is one of the most interesting things and the most supportive communities i've been in for a Long while!! keep up the good work but be sure to take breaks when you need to! Vixen-King
Thank you so so much for creating a game and community that has been the highlight of a very rough year. This has brought more people together than I think anyone could have predicted, and created stories that I wouldn't trade for anything. You've given me already several weeks worth of fun, a bunch of people I'd happily call friends, and I can't express gratitude enough. May the upcoming weeks be just as wonderful, maybe moreso, for all of us! As Above, So Below! Silvaria
Thank you for the absurdity and the game that defies all explanation. PLAY BLALL! dang
Y'all have created a beautiful game and fostered a wonderful community. I'm so proud to be a participant in the wonderful world of splorts. The King Of Tuesday Night
Blaseball has been a fun and relaxing diversion for me over the last few months! I like the pacing, the community, and the new e-friends I've made. Dalė! bonzoesc
Thank you SO MUCH for Blaseball! Like so many I've felt lonely and disconnected this year and it's been so much fun to be a part of this wonderful community and to help tell this story with you all! You've made something really special here that will never be forgotten and you should be proud! Keegan A
Things are hard, right now. We all know that. Blaseball has been the one crumb keeping me looking forward to each week. When everything has become entirely monotonous and grey, when the walls of my apartment have begun to blend together and collapse in, Blaseball has been there to offer a lifeline out. The community your game has created, the levity in the midst of the chaos, and the freedom and escape I feel have been invaluable. Thank you for creating it, maintaining it, letting it grow like a beautiful mold. I haven't been here for the beginning, I don't know if I'll be here until the end, but I know that every moment I have spent playing, engaging with, communing with Blaseball has been worth it to me and has been truly life enriching. Your work is valued.Your creativity is seen. Thank you. MT
I've never seen a community spring up so quickly and give so much joy, SO fast. In between the insane stress of being a teacher in a pandemic, I get to hop on to the Blaseball website, check the Discord, see a couple of RP tweets, and my mind is set on fire with the creativity and the goodness. Thank you so much for doing what you do, and I hope that you can make this the best it can be for you <3 Qoey
Hey folks, As my old art teacher used to say, as a student once told him, and as I now tell you: stay classy and please, continue being awesome. NF
From a Progress Quest oldhead, this is exactly what I needed in 2020. The simulation, the horror, the community, all coming together into this singular Cultural Event. You did this to us -- you monsters -- and you're doing a great job. Monthenor
Thank you so much for making such an amazing game that has fostered a brilliant community, and for creating such a compelling story. Enbyss (Andrea)
Thanks for making Blaseball cool as hell and spinning up the keepers. Everyone has been super fun to work with and making Blaseball's Discord a fun + safe place to be has been really rewarding. lov da umps xoxo keeper_durt
TGB - thank you for making a game like blaseball. I have made some great friends and had a very silly, very fun time with this great thing you've created. I really appreciate that this year had at least one good thing come out of it. kdubya
Thank you so much for Blaseball! It has been a source of joy in dark times. Fourthmountain
Thank you all so much for everything you've done. This is easily the most fun I've had on the internet in at least 15 years. It makes 2020 so much more bearable. Jack, Mints captain
Thanks so much for bringing this (weirdly great absurd horror sport) light into our lives. The community around here is second to none and growing with it these past 10 seasons has been a lifesaver personally and a creative & generative force collectively. I can't wait to see what else you have in store. nesbitt, local wiki admin
hello! i just wanted to thank yall for making this, its managed to bring my friendgroup incredibly close and i can't thank you enough for that. we're gladly here for the ride and excited to see what yall do next! garce
Thank you TGB for such an incredible splort that has created a welcoming community that is difficult to find elsewhere. Ellie
Y'all are doing a great job. This is a wonderful work and you've all rolled so well with how big it got and how demanding we can honestly be as fans. You're all wonderful and I'll never regret max subbing to the patreon. Get some rest when y'all can even if you need another week. Also we're killing the nut next time. Charleston Shoe Thieves Twitter Runner
Thank you for the amazing experience that is Blaseball. I couldn't be happier to support you as creators! No Shoes Nick
Thank you for feeding into our wild and weird ideas and habits! Y'all have brought something amazing into the world and at the right time and built a strong community and your team has amazing values and a strong stance! Thank you so much! IceColeBrew
Thank you for bringing my friends together with this intersection of horror, numbers, emoji, and splorts. 👐 metaknightmare
Game Band, I don't think it's too much to say that you have brought joy and happiness to so many people, myself included. I didn't think I would have come to love such a (on the surface!) simple game, but the community of people I've met in my time here have been lovely and kind, in the ways that one would never expect from the internet. You have done something really special, and you ought to know that we all love you for it. The commissioner is doing a fantastic job. Thank you. Reena Pang
Hey TGB, thank you so much for all the work and love you've put into blaseball. It's been a huge source of joy the past several weeks, and with how rough 2020 has been, the game and community you've created has been a wonderful distraction. I can't wait to see what the future holds, and can't express how amazing it's been to participate in the cultural event of blaseball. Always and forever, we are all love blaseball. N. Gibby
Thank you for bringing me something to be so passionate about in a time where despair is ruling my brain. blaseball hase served as a wonderful distraction and a great source of new friends. I hope you all continue the lovely work august
We are all love Blaseball, and the innovative creative team behind it's existence! Thank you so much for continuing this project and putting as much effort and time into it as you have. It is greatly appreciated by everyone in the community and has brought joy to some of my closest friends!! Thank you!!! Imks Saint (Mikolaj)
Thank you for the amazing splort and the amazing community! Much love to you all Rosie Drown
¡DALE! Churgalax
You all have been doing a great job! I have never been so excited/fearful about fictional characters and their futures. Seriously, you all are doing amazing and I'm so happy that I get to participate in the cultural event known as Blaseball! jamie <3
Look at what you let us do, we created Tillman Henderson. I hope you're happy TGB! (Honestly thank you for giving us the ability to create Tillman Henderson. And for incinerating him. And for everything else!!!) glumbaron
Thank you for giving me purpose during these difficult times, fun during times where it felt like none could be, and laughter when it would otherwise be tears. Oh and for MURDER. Ifhbiff, the Data Efreet
Thanks for not just creating, but carefully cultivating, such an awesome community around this game. Keep up the good work! lilserf
You guys have given me a fun time pretending to be the concept of Math on twitter. Thank you all <3 Paul Henderson (AKA Math Velazquez)
Thank you TGB! I'm so thankful to be able to be part of a space that is so strange, wonderful, and collaborative. Thank you for all the hard work! Jamie_L
funny little browser game took over my entire brain and might be the best thing thats happened to me this year. now my friends are perpetually hexed by me never shutting up about blaseball. thank you (seriously, so much) and curse you, TGB! <3 lemmy
Thank you for making such a fun experience that has enabled me to meet so many cool people. All the work you do is very appreciated all around! I hope you're all taking care in our hellscape world and making sure to take care of yourselves first <3 Rachel
Hi TBG! Thank you for this lovely little game. It has been a bright spot in some dark times. Take my thanks and love and also my money. hugs and kisses! DALE Ms themilkman
Thank you for creating such an amazing game that provides such a great community to just be a part of, along with providing such a good distraction from the boredom of work. Fi 'Fives' Dallows (Joshua Volker)
Thank you guys for all the hard work! You guys are TRULY the ones doing a great job. Aubz
Thank you so much for making such a delightful game. You’ve made it possible for me to connect with a supportive and beautiful community of Blaseball fans, even if they aren’t fellow Shoe Thieves. This really, really is a cultural event and I’ll cherish it always. Alex Brown
Thank you so much for this game. I love it, I love the friends I've made here, I love the sheer madness of it all. Thank you for Blaseball. It's a light in dark times. Elfe
Thanks for making me better than my stats suggest Loucinde “Lou” Roseheart <3
Thank you for making me a splorts fan and giving me a great community in this awful year. The distraction is more than welcome and the friends I've made along the way are absolutely priceless! KT Ellen - Shoe Thief
Thank you so much for helping cultivate such a strong and friendly community! It's been a huge positive impact on me for the past few months, and I love seeing every turn that the narrative takes! The boss fight at the end of Season 9 elevated the game to a whole new level, and inspired me to create a project I'm really excited to share with everyone! The Game Band is doing a great job! Meredith Espinosa, admin of @BrassSeagull and @SplortsUnion and designer of DAY X deck-builder
Its been really hard recently. Thats not news though, its been shitty or a while now. I officially joined blaseball midway through season 5 and I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me. It has consumed my life (in a very good way), helped me build a community and pulled me out of a dark place. Blaseball came into my life when I desperately needed it and I am forever grateful for all that you devs have done. This is something that has changed my life and I know that 5, 10, 15 years from now this experience will have a profound impact on my life. Thank you for this amazing, profound, absurd and phenomenal game you have created. Nicolas Garcia-Zacher
this silly splorts game has introduced me to such a welcoming group of people and has given me an immense sense of community in some lw sucky times thank yall so much for the work you do, its been great MIAMI FOREVER, DALE!! jam
blaseball made me gayer and stronger thank you Twelve
Thank you for all your hard work! Monstera Mash
The community this has created with all its fanart and music and stats is wonderful and it's really made my quarantine better <3 Fish
I never thought I would find such a perfect intersection of my interests in sports, weirdness, creepiness, queerness, and chicken wings. Y'all are kickass, keep being awesome! Wes H, Wild Wing
Howdy, TGB! I just want to say thank you for the wonderful community and wonderful mess you've made with Blaseball. I know this has to be hard from a developmental standpoint, having an inside ear helps me see how much work you all do, every day. But this has truly become a large-scale cultural event that everyone has been able to rally around in the wake of the unfortunate year 2020 has been. As someone who dabbles in both tabletop and video game design, blaseball has given me plenty and more to chew on in the ways it engages (and the way it doesn't, which are just as important) with the community! These are all game design things I've been fascinated by. This is also one of the largest communities I've ever worked with. Which I'm sure is true of a lot of people! But every day I feel blessed I get to do the work I do as a Keeper, chat with others who help me in that regard, and get recognized for the work that I do. Also, speaking personally, it's been a blessing to be able to explore an intersection of the "nerdy" side of me and the side of me that is unequivocally in love with Baseball. I'm sure some people on the team are more than aware that the prevailing theory behind merging sport hobbies and nerd culture is that it's oil and water, but Blaseball really feels like a perfect intersection of who I am, and I really can't thank you all enough. I hope y'all will continue to have me for as long as this ride goes. I know I'll be here for as long as you want me. Here's to ten more seasons?? That might be too much work??? Here's to however many more seasons y'all are willing to have. Sven "keeper_notes" Michel
Gosh, darlings... how can I ever repay you for creating Pitch-ems? They mean the world to me! 😍😍 Thank you so much! 🙏 Although... you DID let them get mind controlled by a sentient peanut 🥜, so don't think you're off the hook or anything. 😠💢 Ortiz Lopez (@2Sexy4MySplort)
WE ARE ALL LOVE BLASEBALL p.s. don't drink the spicy milk allthesauces
This game has been a wonderful distraction from everything that's going on, and I've made so many friends in this community. Thank you for everything. Kellar (@howlexandery, @magic_blaseball)
In a time where it's really hard to find joy in things, you've made something incredibly special. Thank you for creating a space that such a welcoming and loving community is able to thrive around. I genuinely want to create something like this one day--thank you so much for inspiring me to do that. Blaseball and the community and love around it is really dear to me. Thank you so much <3 Han Mallek (Discord: unhnown#1654)
This game has meant a lot to me— I can’t even fully describe what it is. It’s what I think about when my brain is idle. It’s remembering how interesting it is to talk about statistics with people after not really having a space to do so for a couple years. It’s the fact that it generates what I genuinely believe is internet folklore: just people telling each other stories with so much heart. It’s full of community and grief and tragedy and unconditional love. I’d be so much lonelier without it. Thank you. @agent_teddy_h (out of character)
We are all love you, our dear umpires. Malnormalulo
You've all built something wonderful and fun, and that's exceeding rare in the world these days. Keep up the great work. @Remy
thank you for bringing so much joy to my life through facilitating the wonderful game of blaseball and the even more wonderful blaseball community 🌞 laurel
This has been one of the most stressful times of my life. I’m a senior in high school and it’s been a hard few months. I’ve had pretty significant anxiety regarding this sort of stuff and it’s left me feeling hopeless and exhausted. Blaseball has really saved me, and brought forth new wells of inspiration, creativity, community, and happiness. I could never explain how much this means to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for creating a second home. pysics
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each week! Buck
Thanks for the fire eating, love not having to worry about getting burned to a crisp every time the sky goes dark. Appreciate it! Andrew Solis
Thank you so much for all your hard work — please know that for all the complaints you hear, there are ten times as many happy moments you don’t see. We are all love blaseball, and each one of you, very much! LH
Blaseball is the one thing I've been consistently excited about for the last few months in these immensely difficult times. Thank you for putting in so much effort to bring so much joy to so many flans. Lorxus
I have never really liked sports, but BLASEBALL just really speaks to me. The absurdity of it, and the community you all have fostered makes the whole the extremely enjoyable! Thank you for making this. CocoaMix
You're insane and now we're all insane! Thank you! Ax
I was supposed to move to Canada this fall, but unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I'm stuck in the U.S. It's been a difficult few months for me, but being able to find your game and the moist talkers, and join its awesome community has made me feel like I'm there in spirit. It's really helped me out, and I owe it to all of you. Thanks for that. It really means a lot. Mega
Yall pog Fio
Thank you for creating something strange, wonderful and truly unique Solis
You guys have done incredible, magical work. There's nothing in the world like Blaseball, and there's no-one in the world like y'all. Rose
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that because of blaseball (I have been a fan since season 2) my whole summer turned around. I'm an in home care nurse. I had 2 clients die before Blaseball started and 2 after this year. Covid has been hard for everyone, but in July I really was rethinking if it wouldn't just be better to get fired and try for unemployment rather than see anyone else die. I'm not exactly the most mentally well person to begin with, and while death is always a risk in healthcare, it isn't usually so prevalent as this year. I was pretty hopeless and wrecked over seeing so many deaths, at work, on the news, from friends losing loved ones. Then I found blaseball, and I joined the discord and made friends and wrote lore. Then I joined the wiki admins, and wrote more, and started writing more in general again. I'm a writer at heart, not a nurse, I just fell into that, but like to think I'm good at it. Blaseball has encouraged me not only to write, but to be involved in community, and to engage with others online in a way I havent been able to in years. I have some of my best friends in the world now because of Blaseball. I'm engaging with things I had lost passion for again. And every single time I see Percival Wheeler get a shut-out I cannot help but be proud them like a proud parent because of writing their lore so many weeks ago now. You are making a difference, and I love this game so, so much. I'm proud ofthe work you've done and the story we have all made together. You're all doing a great job. T.A. Simonelli
Thanks so much for all your hard work, and for nurturing such an accepting community. TheOtherPenn
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into making this wonderful game and running it for all of us during these months. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into making this wonderful game and running it for all of us during these months. jvluso(Don Mitchell)
I will Venmo Parker up to $7 if the Pies can ascend first. It's ok to rig it for us. Audrey Zee Whitesides
TGB is doing a great job and everyone has worked so hard to build one of the most inclusive an welcoming communities anywhere. Thank you all so much for 10 great seasons and here's to many more! 🏝 Tehwipez 🏝
blaseball has changed my life in more ways than i can count. the community built around this game is the best thing that has happened to me in a while, i have meg so many wonderful people through it, and it has inspired me to create so so much-for that i am incredibly grateful! TGIF. the game band is doing an incredible job (ps ‘my dork’ is genuinely evil i hope one day to be able to put that much emotional power in such a simple phrase). bells
Thank you for all your hard work! You've built not just a game, but a community, and that's no small feat. Nyrt
I just wanna commend you guys on so perfectly creating the perfect villan with “my dork” whoever came up with stealing our chants for the peanut should get a raise. or a pack of peanuts. but really like this community wouldnt be possible without yall and i have so much respect for you. on top of that you are so fast and so willing to listen to our feedback, something I admire so much. The game band is doing a great job! A Cocoacolagarlic
Blaseball? Good Quizzical Upnod 🌴
Thanks for building this wild experiment that has gone completely off the rails but in a way that’s exciting every single week! Please take more breaks though Irvandus from The Philly Pies
Thank you for creating such ana amazing game, and cultivating from that game an amazing community! Hen
You have made 2020 so much less terrible, you deserve a Noblel Peace Prize. I'm only half joking. Horatio Noodlepants, Tacos Fan
Thank you for ten awesome seasons of Blaseball! We look forward to many more! It's such a pleasure to be able to watch our favorite teams play every week, to build this story with you, to break your website every time someone else gets a funny idea. Take care of yourselves, and TGIF! Hokuto
I genuinely owe you guys so much. Blaseball helped get me through a really rough time, and I still don't think I'd be doing as well without it. You guys have never once let me down and I cannot thank you enough. Percy, Eugenia Garbage's #1 fan
Thank you so much, TGB, for creating a game that has absolutely changed my 2020!!!! This community has flourished because YOU have brought us all together, and I am a HUGE fan. Keeper Pigeon
You've given me so many friendships I can't begin to thank you. Mechtroid (again)
Thank you so much for this marvelous distraction! You've rekindled my desire to make art! c. r. beanstalk
The Game Band is doing such a great jooooooooooooob Arashi
thank u for creating blaseball! it’s been such an enjoyable ride so far and the boss fight last saturday was one of the absolute highlights of my week. y’all work so hard and it shows. haven’t had this much fun in a while definitely not keeper siggif
Blaseball is stunning and has gotten me dangerously close to learning what a "sport" is, thank you One of many Max's
youre doing an amazing job!!! i love this entire project more than i can describe, and i really hope you are all taking care of yourselves zoey
Thank you for an incredible 10 seasons! We are all love Blaseball. Brawl
Hey Mates all this work you lot have done has been fucking amazing. Love you all, keep it up. Emu War Veteran
Hi, Blaseball has been a godsend this year. With the world being the way it is and my job being simultaneously dangerous as hell plus completely not guaranteed it will exist in two weeks the stress levels have been immense. Blaseball has let me enjoy sports in a guilt free way and has let me enjoy the chaos that's stranger (somehow) than real life. I have met new friends and involved myself in a community in a year where community has felt like a precious resource. I know running a game like this is a lot of work and there's a lot of pressure on you all, but know that I'm rooting for you all to be successful and happy. Because you all deserve it. Thank you all so much. Sirene
Thank you, The Game Band people! I really enjoy Blaseball and you've just done a terrific job with fostering an incredible and welcoming community and I just want to share the good vibes with you! Kavi
I have been following Blaseball since the middle of Season 2. I am a Garages fan, and have witnessed the rise of this cultural experience like no other. I have never seen a fanbase develop so quickly, with such attentive and creative people, and accomplish as much as Blaseball did even in the first 3 weeks of it's existence. None of us would be able to do anything without this beautiful muse, and the wonderful space in which we can share our passions. I am continually surprised by what happens in this game, and there truly are some amazingly poetic moments. The Grand Unslam, Necromancy, The Beans, Mike Townsend In General, The Life And Times Of Frasier Smurmgle. Blaseball is one of the greatest and most important browser games to ever exist in the history of the internet, up there with Cookie Clicker, Line Rider, and the GROW Series. I cannot wait to see what is in store. Hacim42, GTHS.
Thank you for this glorious game! Trevor / @WhatsupForce / Force#0005
You guys are awesome possums! Raccoon
Hey I really love Blaseball! The narrative y'all are crafting is divine and I love just telling my friends all of the things that are going on. Thank you, Game Band. DoctorBodacious
Thank you. Thank you for this cultural event that is absurd and heartrending and so delightfully original. Thank you for listening to the fans and working with us to build this story together. Thank you for going along with our attempts to push this game to its limits and allowing us to do ill-advised things such as necromancy and snackrifice. Thank you for creating something that inspires so many others to create. Thank you for giving me the motivation to write again just when I needed it most. Thank you for my new favourite band, The Garages. Thank you for a community that is kind and welcoming and unapologetically queer, where I can be myself and see myself in so many players. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful group of people that are the Moist Talkers. Thank you for PolkaDot Patterson. Thank you for blowing my mind and breaking my heart with the fight against the Shelled One’s Pods. Thank you for an experience that I'm very grateful to be a part of, something truly unique and wonderful that is unlike anything I've ever seen before and unlike anything I will ever see again. Thank you for blaseball. cyndakip
Blaseball is the first fandom writ large I've ever interacted with, and it's been nothing but lovely here. I immediately felt comfortable enough to try out new pronouns, and everyone was so immediately cool with it that I went public on National Coming Out Day. I don't think I woulda done that without the community y'all've fostered around Blaseball. Fionna "what" Adams
Y'all have added light to a dark time, somehow, magically, with fake horror baseball. Working with the keepers has been nothing short of a delight, and I'm very grateful so many wonderful people are drawn to this strange beast you've all made. Thanks for being weird and wonderful and guiding us all with empathy and joy. You're a credit to the splort. Keeper Cromslor
I like the site you made wonderin if i share it would you mind? i know a couple people who would like it please reply. Clearbrook
Thank you so much for making this cultural event! It's brought me so much happiness and community since I started participating. I hope it's still fun for you too! Crabtain Katie
I’ve tried and failed to write this several times, but all I can really manage to say is thank you for this amazing community that has arisen from this crazy little thing you put online. Li0ness
Seriously, thank you so much for giving me something wholesome to pay attention to. The world is a trashfire right now, and it's really hard not to spend all day doomscrolling. But instead, I can spend all day blasescrolling. I can enjoy watching Blaseball games, betting on Blaseball games, and being constantly amazed by the outpouring of art, music, story, and propaganda from Blaseball fans. This game serves as a reminder that not all humans are horrible, and that when we work together we can make some amazing things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Morgan
Hey, you made a cool game 🌹
Didn't expect this to be the game of the decade, but here we are. You guys are doing an incredible job and should be hella proud of what you’ve made. I know it was only supposed to be a small game, but it’s always gonna be a big game in our hearts. JT 🏝 from the fridays
Thank you for making the world a weirder place and bringing us together as a community. Game development can be a endurance test, so take care of yourselves and don't forget to EAT! <3 Haley
Y'all are killing it. I look forward to seeing what you have cooked up every week, and how you will subvert our expectations. Keep up the good work! TCIDAGJ Mark 🌹
This game and the community you've built have been an incredible addition to my life. As an avid splorts fan, I can honestly say the highs, the lows--just the sheer amount of storie--have rivaled or bettered what I've experienced IRL. It's truly inspiring seeing the great work you've all done and how it further inspires the incredible writing, art, music, computer crimes, etc etc generated by the community. Thank you. ch00beh
I've been on this ride since season 2 and I knew it was something special the night I joined. I can't remember the last game that has made me feel this joyful, inspired, or hopeful. I am love Blaseball so, so much.
hey i love you guys! blaseball has been the first time ive joined a meaningful community in like a year. its been a blast. thanks so much for all you do and for putting up with our unnatural shenanigans MUSHSHAGANA
Hey TGB! Thanks for making such an amazing game, and by extension creating a really wonderful and positive community. It has been so inspiring to see how it's possible to maintain an environment so full of joy and fun, and y'all really set the tone for that. And thanks for giving me the sunbeams, wild bunch that they are! Dasyuridae
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience called Blaseball. A month or so ago I couldn't have imagined the joy I was set to experience. What with the world being what it is right now, I was surviving but I didn't realize how much joy was actually missing from my life until it reappeared in the form of Blaseball. I have laughed, I have cried, I have laughed until I cried. I have marveled at the stories being told through a baseball simulator. I have been astounded by the excellent storytelling being done through such an intentionally sparse medium. Blaseball has reawakened a level of creativity in me that I thought was lost. Thank you for letting us be a part of it, for letting us build on your scaffold and find each other in these strange times. Thank you for endeavouring to keep it a welcoming inclusive space for all, and for being good stewards of our emotional investment. This game and the creative, diverse, generous, wonderful community that's grown up around it are truly something special. As absurd as it is, it's given me hope for the future, that we can collectively find our way through the chaos. Shawna Pilgrim aka amadis, Hellmouth Sunbeams
Y'all made a cool fun thing that has blood and a threatening peanut in it sometimes! Thanks! LS
The Season 9 championships, with all its drama and every team in blaseball crammed into the Shoe Thieves chat to watch Game 5, is a happy memory that is going to stick with me for a very long time. I don't know how you did that with a browser game, but I'm beyond glad that you did. Shush
This community you've allowed to form around this silly lottle game is one of the most fun things I've ever participated in! Green
thank you for everything, you've made a rough summer more bearable GodEmperorDune
I'm consistently floored by this game, this community, and your stewardship of both. The Game Band is doing a great job! Kelly Digges
Thanks for putting your all into this game. It has been an absolute blast and I think the positive stance you've taken towards the community has been reflected in how good of a community it has been, and how accepting it has been of me and many others. I have no idea where this game is going or how long it will last for but I am thrilled to be along for the ride. Klifford Frown
I sometimes dream about blaseball, and when I do, I can't tell the difference between the dream and reality- it's an experience exactly that engaging and surreal. The game and the community that's formed around it have been a healing balm in bleak times, and I couldn't be more grateful. Through blaseball I'm learning to "never look back," and I cannot wait to see what's in store! Thank you. Labardine#2954
Dear TGB, There aren't really words that are adequate enough to express how grateful I've been to participate in the cultural phenomenon of blaseball over the past few months. I joined in the middle of S2, and even then, I had the feeling I was getting in on the ground floor of something big. I've made new friends, bonded even closer with partners as I yelled about various events (or when we yelled whenever our respective teams played each other), and become part of an amazingly creative community that I never expected to be part of. 2020 has been... a hard year, for many reasons, for reasons I very likely don't have to explain, but also personal ones too. A couple of weeks ago, near the end of S8, my mother passed away unexpectedly. I live in the EU and my family is back in the US. Due to COVID restrictions, I was unable to fly back to be with my family for the burial services. I've been rocked to the core by grief, but when I told my team, the Hades Tigers, they gave me messages of love and support that made me feel less alone. Like many queer people, I struggle with my mental health in general, and the motto of the Tigers, Never Look Back, has been legitimately helpful for me this year, of all years. Never Look Back doesn't mean forget my past, where I've come from, or what I've experienced. NLB means that those things don't have to anchor me to where I currently stand. That I can keep moving forward, even if it's just one step at a time. That the future exists as a possibility, even if it's one that I didn't anticipate having to live in. I didn't anticipate having to live out the rest of 2020 without my Mom, under lockdown from a global pandemic, stressed out about the future of my country. But blaseball makes everything a little easier. While the games are on, when I have the energy to watch, I don't have to worry about anything else. I can experience a little bit of respite from the anxiety, fear, and grief I'm carrying around with me so often. I care about these ticking numbers, I care about these randomly generated names, I care about these unpredictable and wild plans the community comes up with. Blaseball cares, and I care back. Thank you, so, so much, from the bottom of my heart for all of the work you've done so far, both on the game and the maintenance of a safer community. Also please don't forget to take care of yourselves too and get the Siestas you need. <3 FAE of the Hades Tigers
thank you so much for all of your hard work! you've made my senior year of college so much better and i'm proud to call myself a tiger's fan julianna v
Thank you so much for making Blaseball! I've really struggled being creative during quarantine, and blaseball has finally given me that inspiration to create again. I help lead the Garages in crafting lore for our new characters, plus improving the lore of our existing folks. It's been so rewarding, having a friendly welcoming community of people I can build things with. I finally feel like I have a creative home and that I've found my spark in this time of hardship, I can't thank you enough for that. Navigator
Thank you for all of your labor, compensated, uncompensated, and/or undercompensated, in making this project and in supporting the community that's grown up around it in these unprecedented times. You've made something truly groundbreaking and innovative. Personally, you've given me something to look forward to, something to sink my procgen narrative Tiger fangs into, something that sparks joy and creativity for me in a time when both are in short supply. I can't express my gratitude enough for this game and everything it is and does. We are all love blaseball. Cat Manning
Thank you for the work you've put in on making the cultural event that is Blaseball! Matt "the Bat" Evans
blaseball good. thanks for the ball & the friends I've made because of the cool thing you made. you're doing a great job the rats
Hello everyone. Being from the UK b*seball was never a big scene for me. Blaseball however is one of the most immensely important splorts I've ever had the honour to be a part of. It has seen me through some personal hardships, and gives me something to look forward to every day. I cannot thank you enough for creating this incredible experience, and allowing for such an incredible community to flourish. Sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, thank-you. Steal shoes! Play ball! Elvina
Blaseball has been something special. Personally, it got me involved with making music again, introduced me to a great community, made me feel many feelings, it's definitely been the highlight of recent times. So thank you so much, we really are all love Blaseball. Teake
Thank you so so much for the work you do to keep Internet League Blaseball such a fun and enjoyable world to spend time in. I joined on Monday during the first week of the long siesta and wondered to myself for two weeks if this weird browser game that I barely knew anything about would be worth it, but let me say that my wildest expectations have been surpassed. Once again thank you all so much for creating the Unlimited Tacos as well as each and every other player and team in the ILB! It has been such a blast these past few months and I hope that there are many, many more great times to be had for The Game Band and all the participants. Wyatt Nelson
It was Yaz who got me into blaseball. Hearing talk about it within circles, not knowing what it was. The talk intensifying. A blaseball stream appearing in my Twitch recommendations. Research, reading the wiki. And that's how I discovered Yaz, and decided to become one of the Many Stripes. I joined blaseball after the Grand Siesta, and the events which had led to Yaz being infused by The Spirit of Violence. That Spirit helped take the Tigers to a second title, but alas, nothing gold can stay, and the Yaz that started it all was taken away from me, replaced by a new one borne not out of anger but of grief. Yet still I stuck by her. I Idolised her. And then came that fateful day, as the Instability chained to Yaz... and we in the Tigers discord channel could only watch as our deer, marked for death, threw her last pitch, before facing the gaze of the Rogue Umpire... After that, I took a walk, contemplating. What is Blaseball? A horror game? That you confirmed it brought a bit of solace, as I looked to move on from Yaz. But I can't. Because I was also contemplating about Jaylen's Debt. Who did she owe? What was she trying to do by dooming players? And then The Hall opened, and at least some of my thoughts may have been proved right, as were some of my hopes that Yaz might return. And wherever she may go... I'll be cheering her on. TheLupineOne
hey so um james was telling me about this thing people were doing to basically say thanks to you guys for making things happen i guess i don't fully understand but it sounds pretty important so i wanted to say thanks for doing whatever you do and if you're ever in hawaii for some reason we'd love to take you on a cookout our treat we do it with a lot of esteemed guests which is basically every guest that visits but we can try to make it as nice as possible bevan underbuck (DNH)
Thanks so much for all your hard work - has been such fun at such a hard time. Love to all and Claws Up! Tom Phillips
Somehow y'all at Game Band managed to spark a community full of creativity and positivity and fun inside of two months off the most barebone of systems. That is an impressive feat, and one that won't be easily recreated. Congratulations on your success, and to many more seasons of Blaseball! theDeltaNiner
Thank you for producing one of the most complex, multi-faceted experiences I've seen in a long time! There's something for everyone in this community to enjoy! You've done such a great job! Sigbur
Blaseball has created a beautiful community and allowed me to gently introduce my friends to real-life sports through getting them into Blaseball. Also I've got some amazing clothes out of this whole thing. I can't wait to see where the cultural event of Blaseball will go from here, and I'm happy such amazing creators are behind it all. Tyler, who is from Chicago
Thank you for creating this weird, wonderful game, and—indirectly—its community, which has already helped me through difficult times, and from which I've found some amazing new friends. I've never played a game like Blaseball, and I probably never will again, and that's something you should all be proud of. Jake Loranger AKA Coordinator Jake AKA _amaranthine
Hi. Thanks for making Blaseball. It's one of the single most unique things I have ever seen, but also familiar in a lot of weird but delightful ways. It reminds me of some of my favorite things, from just plane old baseball to Welcome To Night Vale, while being wholly unique in that way it packages & delivers itself. I've always loved emergent narratives, how something like a seemingly unbiased system can create unique stories just by working (& with a little help from human need for story telling & patterns), it's the main reason I like Dwarf Fortress. This game has become very special to me in a very short amount of time, I've bonded with a lot of people on the crabs discord server, & half the time we're not even talking about Blaseball. It's become a very safe space for people of a lot of different backgrounds & it's all because of a fun game about fictional teams playing Blaseball- Baseball at our mercy. Baseball perfected. Thank you again, you guys are amazing. Bella
You're all cute as heck! Thanks for making this game so wonderful and exciting! Eggo
Blaseball has been a giant blessing through this mess of a year. The level of interaction y'all have shown with the fanbase and the attention to the game you've shown is absolutely incredible, and I'm so thankful for it! You guys are amazing, and I'm excited as heck to see where you'll take things from here. Thank you so much for making such a good game - from sharing memes to coming up with lore to just cheering on teams, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this wonderful cultural event without y'all, TGB. Lilith Saintclaire
hello!! thank y'all for making blaseball, it sparks much joy :) lemon
We are all love Blaseball. Thanks so much TBG!!! Couldn't have done it without you! Chase
Thank you, TGB. I haven't had this much fun in years! James "Jazzhands" Lastname
Thank you so much for introducing me into this wonderful crazy world and for giving me something to look forward to everyday. Go Crabs! garygbs2nd#1266
Thank you for this wonderful work, TGB! Play ball!
Blaseball came to me at a rough time, and it gave me something to care about besides my own messy feelings. It gave me a chance to be one of the first people in a cultural event, to be one of the early members of a quickly growing community. I even had the chance to permanently impact the design of a character, which I think is pretty cool! Thank you so much for providing me and many others these opportunities with your silly nonsense splorts game. Skie Squiggles, #1 Forrest Best Fan
Thanks! Rock on - this is a brilliant game and you're doing great as DM! :D Dropbear
This is singlehanedly keeping me alive through the final weeks of my first semester in Uni god bless yalls souls for making this and creating such a wonderful community Karagna ☀
watching the funny number go up and seeing what narratives you spin out of our collective nonsense each week has been a highlight of my summer and now my fall and as someone who has always wanted to get into sports(especially baseball) but always felt like it was just too far out of reach with too much to understand getting in on the ground floor of this sp(l)ort has been really fulfilling. thank you so much for making this weird cool browser game and i'm so excited to see what else you have in store for us!! a tigers-turned-crabs fan (claws up!)
The Game Band is doing a great job! But seriously, this game finds new ways to surprise me every week and I love it- plus the Umps are always really fun to see when they come into the Discord! Pixel
hey TGB! I just wanted to thank y'all for taking the time and expense to make this cool game for us. I really appreciate all the hard work y'all must have put into this, and I'm thankful that y'all have helped to foster such a cool, accepting community. I have like a thousand words about how cool Blaseball is as a game, but I don't want to take up too much space so I'll just say that it's really neat and I love the interactive narrative stuff y'all have been doing, it's a really unique video game and I like it a lot. 🦀💜Yurts Trunbo💜🦀
You've brought together so many people who would otherwise have likely never known of one another, and even if blaseball were to die tomorrow we'd all be forever grateful it was a part of our lives. Thank you so much for making a stressful year just a tad bit more bearable! <3 TheNerdySimulation
Thank you so much! Blaseball has been an island of sweet beautiful chaos energy in a time of bad things. You folks are the best! Leverett Jaques
Thank you so much for this wonderful, dreadful experience <3 Aspiring Dryad
Hi TGB! I just wanna say thank you for blaseball and for fostering such a great community around it. This silly baseball sim has brought me out of a years-long art slump and is one of the most exciting acts of group storytelling I've ever taken part in. You're doing a great job! barse
Hey nerds. Thank you for the emotional rollercoaster that is Blaseball. Right now, more than ever, I needed something safe to be invested in. To cry over. To talk about. To cheer for. To believe in. For the past two or three months, much of my life has been intertwined with Blaseball and the communities surrounding it. Whether it be dipping in and out of the chaos of Beams chat in the maincord, the banding together and supporting each other with the loving camaraderie of the Wild Low Clubhouse, describing events to my enraptured SO during nightly calls, or telling stories around a physical dinner table as my Tigers fan friend serves us a second helping of beef stew: this shared narrative has provided us all what we needed to keep our heads above water and our eyes forward. I can't imagine your job is easy -- but I hope it finds you success in every way you need it to. You deserve every bit of it; this wild ride is nothing short of magical. No matter what happens, no matter how long I keep following Blaseball, no matter how long I am a fan, know that I'll always have amazing memories and stories to tell -- all thanks to you. I don't know if that means much to you, but... to me? That means the world. Love y'all. Emily Bellavia | Emily (Rire)#0001
I have never been interested in sports, nor in idle games. However, when I learned about Blaseball, I knew I would instantly love it. It is truly the perfect mix of rooting for your team/idol and trying to min/max your cash flow, all in the name of influencing the way the game progresses. Thank you so much for creating such a wholesome and proactive community. Thank you for pushing out new and exciting content every week. And thank you for speaking in me the joy of cheering on a team-based sport I never understood before. BDB
blaseball is one of the coolest things i’ve gotten to be involved in as an internet community in a HOT second. everything y’all do is absolutely amazing. constantly so impressed at what this game manages to pull off, and always so so excited to see what’s going to happen next! thank you so much for the hard work that you guys do, this has brought me so much joy over the past few weeks. jason 🦀
I cant remember life before Blaseball and I wouldn't want to. TGB, yall are amazing and have created an amazing community. From the bottom of my crustacean heart, THANK YOU. I PRESENT YOU WITH THE HIGHEST HONOR A CRAB CAN BESTOW: THE 100 CLAW SALUTE! 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 🦀Claws Up!👁 Jesso
❤️🦀❤️ 🦀 ZZT-X 🦀
Thank you for making such a silly, engaging, and original game! I’ve been getting my friends into it, and they’re even reading all of the lore and stuff. I hope you guys can go into PARRY TIME after you get this card! Yamorimlo
Thank you so much for creating and building this amazing game! Anyagee (Amanda)
Thank you for the most exciting murders I have ever seen! Flourish
Thank you so much for this strange little community you've created through the cultural event of Blaseball! I'm so absolutely enthralled with the story you're telling as it develops and the amount of work you're putting in is *insane* and I can't even articulate how grateful I am to be participating. Thank you for all the work you do. crabmoney3
Thank you all for making such a wonderful, weird, fantastic, interactive community cultural event. Oracleman
Sunman dropping into the Beams trial might've been the funniest thing I've ever seen. Y'all have such a good spirit and a good sense of humor, plus a lot of love for the fanbase, and it shows. Thank you so much! jess
Blaseball has brought light and excitement into my life at a particularly dark and dreary time. Thank you! AM Robinson
This game has brought together my favorite things in all splorts: weirdos with insane ideas that somehow work, a group with a truly generous spirit, and of course, grave robbing and blasphemy. Tysm for this wonderful gem. Antimeria
Thank you so much for this game. It's been a hell of a ride and every week there are games I'm excited to see what happens next. It's a delightful experience! 2020 needed something positive like this happening. Tempest2097
Thank you so much for creating something so enthralling and entertaining it actually somehow got me hyped on sports of all things! My friend group is hooked and we ping each other for blaseball updates constantly. With the discord, I actually feel like I'm part of a community. I personally missed out on a lot of fandom culture in its prime, so it feels amazing to feel like I'm part of something. Thank you so much. I hope blalls continue to be thrown and I hope your endeavours are fruitful. James Murray
Hey folks! Thank you for creating and welcoming me in to a community that feels as good as an extended family. This game you've created is so wonderful and magnificent and beyond anything I've ever experienced before, and ya'll are absolutely mad and rad for coming up with it. Felde :)
Good blaseball friends Crab
Blaseball introduced me to so many fun people, thanks to everyone who participated/participates in this project! V
Your game has been a ray of sunshine during this downpour! Moist Captain Sera
Claws Up for The Game Band. prolekaryote
Blaseball has been exactly what I have needed for these past several months. The story you folks have created and community that has formed around it have been one of the few bright spots on an otherwise very upsetting year. Thank you so much for all you have done and hopefully continue to do. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Aiyanna
Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication! You've brought a wonderful and weird little thing into a world that needs it very much. CLAWS UP! Dr Colossus
Thanks for everything you do! I have met so many amazing people because of blaseball and it feels a hole in my life that I didn't know was there. I love you guys even though I've never met you ❤️🦀 Lord Claire
I've moderated a lot of communities but nothing quite on this scale. And despite the size, the community has been pretty pleasant and wholesome to look after. You've made something special here, TGB. Thanks for letting me be part of it. keeper_sins
You've done something truly amazing, and we all love you for it. Don't ever forget that you brought joy in a bad time. Archranger Jim
i discovered blaseball around season 3 and its grown to be definitely one of the most important things to me right now!!!!! i love everything about it and it brings me so much joy (even if jessica telephone is with the shelled ones now or something). im so happy to have the chance to let you all know just how much it means 2 me and how much i appreciate everything you do!!!! splortsmanship lives on forever in my heart. sara <3
There is nothing like Blaseball, and no community more welcoming and radically loving. Thank you for sharing your work with us! wing comrade josh
Thank you so much for this lovely game, it's been a bright spot of joy in these otherwise dark times. Getting to work with Blaseball Cares and design a bunch of merch for the different teams has been so much fun and it's honestly unlike anything else I've ever worked on. I've really been enjoying experiencing the cultural event that is blaseball! Cameron
Thank you for all the fun you have given us during such a dark time. Tot Fox
Thanks so much for your hard work on a fun project! Josh Lingerfelt
I can not thank you enough for all of the hard work that you all put into Blaseball. The amount of time and attention you pay to the fans is mind-boggling and nothing short of amazing. I just wanted to take the time to say I appreciate everything you do and I want to thank you for giving us nerds something to be excited about and look forward to during these trying times! I wish you luck in all your future adventures, NotMoss
Thank you for bringing this weird wonderful mess to us, and letting us run off with the names and make tons of beloved characters... even if they died or other things happened to them, i will forever cherish the memories I had with them and my team - so thank you for making all this possible! Pichi2214
Hey Game Band, just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done in making Blaseball the amazing cultural event that it is! It means a lot to have something like this in such trying times, and the community that you have helped foster only makes it that much better. One Of The Many Lunas, AKA Colorbarred
Thank you so much for all the work you've done in creating the amazing thing known as blaseball. I joined right at the start of season 4 and honestly, it's been life changing. I am excited to see not only where you take blaseball next, but also what other projects you will release in the future. Once again, i'm immensely grateful for for everything you've done. Thank you. Baktic
I never thought I'd find myself caring about a sport-like event (ok, splort) as much as I have with Blaseball. Blaseball and its communtiy have been really important to me for keeping track of time during days and weeks that all feel the same, and I would be in a much worse place without it. Thank you, The Game Band, for your work, dedication, and unending creativity with adapting to our incredible amounts of bullshit (like shelling a whole pitching rotation and committing necromancy). Cameron
I think I may have already signed this, but in case I didn't, thank y'all so much for all you do! This community has been a wonderful time in an otherwise comically bad year and I'm glad to have it. Chester
Thank you for introducing me to tiny eggs and Richmond Harrison. Rocketknife#6341
Blaseball has been a delightful breathe of fresh, terrifying, fascinating, air in a v stressful year. It's been the first thing in a long time to make me want to create and get involved in things again. Thanks for making that happen. Jude
Your careful curation of the tone of blaseball combined with your dedication to let the simulation run as it will has created such a unique and wonderful game. And cultural event! Thank you so much for your hard work making this happen, please keep taking breaks and taking care of yourselves - and I can’t wait to see where else you take it! Alexei
Thanks for all your hard work creating an incredible game & community! GB (go Tigers)
Thanks for being a small, bright light in an otherwise miserable hellscape of a year! Nilcolin
Thank you for all the work you've put into this incredible experiment. It's been a bright spot of community and positivity in the middle of a very dark time, and (I know it's by design) has been helpful in dealing cognitively with the cruel and unfair situations we all have been thrust into. This game means something. Thank you. Vic 🏝️
Seeing what happens at the end of each season and seeing what this community creates has become one of the highlights of my week and I'm grateful to TGB for all the work they do to make it possible. Thanks so much! Peter Kemme
S. Lynnette Harbert
Hi!! I just wanted to say thank you for developing blaseball - it’s been a massive help for my mental health over the past few months, which have been quite the time. The community you and the game have fostered is truly amazing and so, so welcoming, and as a queer non-binary person it means so much to have a designated space to discuss non-LGBT things with people like me. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day! Theo
Thank you so much for all of the love and time you put into Blaseball!!! It's brought me such joy over the past few weeks and continues to do so. I'm excited to see what you have in store and continue to experience this wonderful fandom and game!! Garlan Miles
Blaseball has brought me so much joy and helped me find new friends during this weird cursed year. Thank you 👐 DreddDurst
Thank you so much! This has been a highlight of my summer/fall and has been one of the few things I’ve had to make me feel connected and a part of something during 2020 disconnect Hepurrn (👐)
This is the only good thing that has happened in 2020. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We see you and appreciate you. The Game Band is doing a great job. JoJo
We salute your creation of the ILB! The splort of blaseball has been improved immeasurably through your stewardship. We are glad to be able to step out of the shadows and stand alongside you as a new era of our dimensional pastime dawns. Thanks for everything past, present, and future! Hades Tigers Official Fan Club
Blaseball has been wonderful. Thank you so, so much for making this game. The community is welcoming, the game is hilarious and scary and moving all at once, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Mitch Hamilton
Blaseball is amazing and you are cool! Ribby
I am about to miss the deadline but I have a group of about 10 or so friend who are borderline addicted to Blaseball. We haven't been able to stop since season 2 and we are so thankful for you all working so hard to give us entertainment and joy. You all are the absolute best and please take as many siestas as you need... we'll still be here when you get back! Claws up! May the Great Old One turn your blood into Old Bay seasoning Champ Easter and friends from Brendan's Bunker
Thanks so much for making this wonderful weird canvas for everyone to scribble on. Green Intern
Blaseball came into my life when I really needed it. We are all love Blaseball. We are all love TGB <3 Carrie
Hello game band!! It’s moth here, and I just wanted to voice my own appreciation for you guys. Blaseball is this incredible game that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s amazingly unique both in narrative and technical design, and one of the brightest highlights of my entire year so far! Seeing what happens at the end of each week has been so exciting, and being on Blaseball time always makes real time fly faster— time flies when you’re having fun, and blaseball and its community is fun around the clock (literally!). Speaking of the community! You’ve made this community that I love and feel honored to be a part of. When at first I was just a player it was fun hanging out in chat, spreading good vibes, and yelling along with my fellow players about Blaseball’s various antics. Now, given my many eyes which I’m very, very honored to have, not much has changed in that aspect! I may have some new duties and responsibilities, but blaseball is still entirely fresh and lively, and I will hold it in my heart for a very long time!!!!! The community is diverse in a way I’ve never seen with sports, thank you so much for causing it to happen!!! Sunman, it’s nice seeing you in keepers chat! Though I don’t know much about you (besides your INCREDIBLE DOGS), I hope you are doing well!!! Your shenanigans in chat (being named pope, for example) are hilarious and works to brighten the community’s spirits whenever you show up to a summoning!! :) (pspspspspspsppsps) Cake, you’re honestly so amazing. You find time to work on the game and help us keepers out, as well as take care of a tiny little helpless kitten and gnome! Chatting with you in keepers’ chat is nice and one day we need to get you for an Among Us match in keepers’ keep. personally answered some questions for me that really alleviated some stress about my future, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you would do that for me. Just!! Thanks so much you guys. You all are fantastic individuals, and I appreciate you sm!! Keeper Moth
Thanks for this slice of oldschool weird internet, without all the monetizing and sanitizing we get everywhere else. Here's to partytime and/or playoffs, rumour
Yall are just the best and have built not just a beautiful splort but a valuable community in some weird bad times. jackson
Glad to see this crazy idea is going so swimmingly for you all :) Count Blasie
Hi The Game Band, thanks for making something that has brought so many people together and that has fostered so much creativity! I'm making music for the first time and have found a group of friends that support my creative endeavors, all through this, and I couldn't be happier. You've made this year suck a little less, and I'm so grateful. Be gay, do blaseball crimes, be well!! yana (they/them) a band member of the garages
Blaseball has been one of the best experiences I've had this quarantine. The community around has really helped me get through this time. Thank you! jake.
Blaseball has been such a wild, exciting event at such a strange time. Thank you guys so much for making this community happen! Violence News Network (@SquierVoices)
Blaseball has given me an opportunity to reconnect with friends and explore a game narrative and lore that is far beyond any other game. Thank you for making in general, and for bringing Blaseball into being. Aidan McFarland
splotsmanship will never die RG
Blaseball has given me more emotions more thought and a better community than most games and hands down any game of 2020. Thank you for creating and guiding Blaseball into the amazing cultural phenomenon it is. We are all love Blaseball. Paul H
You've made something amazing. Kudos, you beautiful folks. Ian
Hey TGB it's keeper_tree! I wanted to share my sincerest personal thanks and appreciation for the incredible game and community you've created. The discord and surrounding community have become a safe, welcoming home for me in an otherwise very rocky year. Through your creation I've found incredible new friends, an often exhausting, thoroughly exciting, and all-around incredible volunteer opportunity, and among the silliest and most touching moments I've ever experienced in a digital space. From the bottom of my heart: thank you so, so much. love, tree
Thank you for all the hard work you do! This game has brought me so much joy. We are all love Blaseball. Snow Wisp, a Breath Mint
Thank you for this precious game that has added lots of fun, humor, and community to my life in a time where those things often felt like they were in short supply. <3 GiaDavis
this is one of the wildest rides i've been on recently. thanks for the great game and the great community!! leofwyn (go beams!)
Blaseball is a very good game. Thanks! Norm Steadman
this thing is very fun and cool and weird DrMrG
Blaseball has provided an incredible sense of community and entertainment, in a time when a lot of us absolutely need it the most. All of the lore and drawings and other art that has come from Blaseball have filled my heart, and I greatly appreciate that this community was built from the ground up to support TRANS RIGHTS and support LGBTQ+ in general. Thank you for this silly splort simulator game. Sea 🍬
thanks so much for this wonderful and crazy idea that's helped so many people find a community to be a part of! Centritide
Thank you for creating this amazing game but also the strong and kind community that comes with it!! Luna J of The Mints
Obamium Sardonyx
Thank you so much for this incredible cultural experience! We are all love blaseball and the game band is doing a great job DeeJayRingis, Unlimited Taco
Thank you for creating this event and bringing so many of us together. Friends and I have really enjoyed this. Krysal Tepsyr
THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING GAME! It's brought so many of my friends, and new friends, closer. PRAISE! Oak
Thank you for making this amazing game, it’s made this crazy year so much better! Cori
Thank you for a greatly confusing, confusingly great time! Splosion
Thank you i love blaseball agroves8
:) Oak
Thank you so much for creating a game that makes me excited for crazy things to happen for once tmoneybagels
this game has gotten me drawing again, it has given me something to focus on in this downward spiral of a an apocalyptical year, and it has brought me a community of loving, caring, and wonderful people. Thank you for doing so much with your weird browser game. bennett (from the tigers)
This game has produced more exciting moments than any other game I've played for a very long time. Thanks for making this cool weird thing. Asp
We are all love Blaseball! I've been playing since Season 2 and am getting more hooked each week. Thank you for an excellent distraction from difficult times <3 Elaine {Never Look Back}
I can't remember the last time a game got me this excited. It's truly incredible. Bondollar (Tacos)
You all are doing such a good job! Thank you for this Cultural Event! Pine
Thanks for the fostering such an amazing community experience! Your high anti-capitalism stlats are also appreciated <3 CatrACAB
TGB you pulled my friend out of a depressive spiral with the beautiful community you've built here. I've been on the internet a long time, and have studied how positive communities can form around central whimsical goals. You have done this better than nearly any attempt I've ever seen. There's a Talmudic saying, "he who saves a life it as if they have saved the entire world". Given the work you have done here, I would not be surprised if you've saved the world many times over. Yashas ko'ach. May you go from Strength to Strength. Fridays Fan
Thank you for making this time more bearable. CLAWS UP! Mike a.k.a. Lavus
Thanks for everything TGB! These community goals are always fun, and the way you fold fan lore into canon is amazing. It's honestly totally sucked me in, I can't believe the attachment I have to a few circles and squares on a web page. Thevdude (love you stay safe)
Thank you for all the work you've put into blaseball! It's been a real spot of hope over these past few months. P.S. go shoe thieves Lampwick
Hey! This game is fun, and you all have created a fun community around it! Thanks a bunch for your effort, your thought, your love, your hard work. And thanks for inviting us in! I personally found you through Zombies Run! And I have found all your collabs to be 'on brand.' Among other things, who would have thought that your RNG game would bring real money to real causes? Thank you for creating a space for humans to care for one another in a real way. And also fun. A SF Lover and fan of the Helgas
I love this community, thank you so much for all you've done to foster it :) honu 🐢
Blaseball has been such a welcome addition to my post-quarantine life. It has really given me something to look forward to not just every week but every day! And created an incredible sense of community even with so much space between all its members. Thank you for working so hard on it and making something so unique, fun, and enjoyable and sharing it with the world! Dre
You all have crafted something truly marvelous for us to gather around. You've brought it so far, and it's been a joy to participate in this cultural event you initiated and fostered to such lengths. Thank you! GoggleChild
thank you for being the best game on the!! jaye (KCBM)
Hi Game Band, I'm a newly minted Mint. I just joined the Discord and it's really opened up the game for me - thrilled to see the community you all have built here. Thanks and great job! valrus
I'm not nearly good enough with words to thank you properly for this. blaseball has been, as my therapist has put it, a miracle for my mental health. It's some solid footing in an otherwise hectic year, and the community you've helped cultivate has kept my head above water better than any program I've tried. Heck I've even found the courage to share artwork and talk with people thanks to this! the openness with which you interact with us really just warms my heart, and I look forward to seeing where you take this project in the future! Dee
Thank you very much! <3 Cal (They/Them)
thank you so much! ♡☆♡☆♡ Max Hunter
I love this game. Thank you for your hard work! Eli S
Thank you for creating this beautiful creative mess that has in turn created such a diverse and inclusive community! It has been such a pleasure to be a part of it! Larina
Thanks for the community & interesting story. Fight the gods, solidarity forever. Needle
Blaseball is baseball with out the astros or COVID. Couldn't ask for a better game. Thank you guys! Ethan Rose
Thanks for this absurd, weirdly entertaining game, been following it since season 2. Athunin
I truly can not express my gratitude for making this wonderful strange masterpiece. Thank you for the new hyperfix, and making the world just a bit less wrong. Cryptid
Thank you for fostering an awesome community. Have fun with it! Grodem
Thank you so much for all that you do. This has been absurd and so much fun to participate in. We are all love blaseball. Jay
thank you for putting up with our team's nonsense jellorain, a taco
I think you've made something really special here. I hope you are all proud of the fantastic work you've done. I truly am looking forward to what you have in store next for blaseball and future projects. Jacob
Thank you so much for making blaseball what it is today! The Kansas City Breath Mints
Y’all are cool. Thanks for the fun chaos; it’s been a welcome distraction from the real kind. lobster wheel
I AM ALL LOVE BLASEBALL. the commissioner is doing a great job kesi k
Blaseball is the only thing that is keeping me sane in college. Thank you guys so much, I would be completely losing my mind without it Bean
i just found blaseball this week but if anything happened to it i'd drink all the blood on earth and then my own gwen <3
TGB thank you so much for creating blaseball and such a vibrant, inclusive community around it! Blaseball has given me a ton of joy and belief in people's abilities to work together in a time when both of those have been had to keep and I am very grateful for the work you have done to cultivate that!!! Riley Coffey
Thank you so much for allowing us all to participate in the cultural event of Blaseball! You've created something truly special. CC
Hello!! You are doing an incredible job!!! I have been here since season 3 and seeing all of this unfold was so briliant! I'm extremely excited for what comes next, thank you for making such a cool thing!!!! <3 Caz
blaseball is one of the strangest community puzzle games I've ever seen! the community has been really welcoming, even in the mad scramble that is friday a lover 💖
I love this weird wonderful community and this weird wonderful gamelike experience, keep doing all this good stuff! BLASEBALL RULES Colton Schnaitter
I was actually going through one of my roughest spots this year so far when I first heard about Blaseball. I joined the first day of Season Seven and I've been in the discord every day since. You guys (plus Parker) are doing a great job! Crank the Rider (alias "Crank the Millennial")
I’m sure you’ve been told a million times that you’re doing a great job, but truly, you are. I’m not sure who runs the Commissioner account but it’s made me laugh so many times, and Parker is such a fantastic unpair eldritch intern. Everything from the joy and unpredictability of the daily game to #blaseballcares to strong political stances to the BLM Siesta has been so gratifying to see in content creators. The way you listen to your communities and create such fantastic stories within this sim amazes me. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but blaseball has also gotten me into baseball, so it’s a 2-for-1 deal. Thank you for everything, and thank you for keeping it up. Connor (the one behind the Paula Turnip/@TurnipOnBlase twitter account)
Blaseball has given me so much life, thank you for creating it! Des
thank you all for the incredible work you all do! i will be forever grateful. Blaseball means so much to me <3 Ink
I have never enjoyed being part of a fandom as much as I enjoy being part of the blaseball fandom. Thank you so much for making Blaseball, for interacting with the fans, and always being so supportive of the community. DLareau
Hey Guys! I know in terms of real life, I haven't been playing long, but I've been playing for the past 2 and a half seasons and that feels like a million years to me! Thank you for bring my college friends once more now that quarantine wedged us apart and we are unable to see each other on campus everyday. We started having nightly voice calls where we actively talk blaseball where as a month ago we were lucky if anyone was in a voice call. Keep being awesome! This community is hectic but fun to be around, and you've created quite a cultural phenomena that is keeping me captivated even if I don't know quite whats going on at any point. Cynder (@undeadHotmess on twitter)
Thank you for making the blaseballs! johnaldmcgee#6230
Thank you for such an amazing game! It's a great stress reliever from university :) Bailey Fox
thank you for this bananas game and everything that's come out of it. claws up! Sonnetteer
This is an incredible game, and an incredible community, and I am so, so glad to be here and participating in the cultural event known as Blaseball. A fan
You've given me and my roommate weeks of excitement and enjoyment with everything you've done. I say this as someone who actively does not like sports or sports-related games: this is easily some of the most fun I've had all year and I'm eternally grateful to you for creating Blaseball and keeping it free (AND free of microtransactions). 10/10, masterpiece. Thank you so much!!! Em Finch
Thanks for all you do. You deserve all the blagonballs. RellyAB
You guys are amazing. Blaseball has provided a much needed creative/social outlet for me during these uncertain times. Keep up the great work. Rusty Fnord
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience so far! I joined at the beginning of Season 6 and am hopelessly addicted to the Sunbeams. I love the cosmic horror angle and cannot wait to see what else happens. Again, thank you so much for this. Knight Solaire
Thank you for making this fantastic game, that brought together a wonderful, creative, fun loving community! It has been a great boon during such a dark time! Keep up the fantastic work. You are really making a difference to everyone's lives! TheSoundOfWhiteNoise
Thank you for giving me something to focus on. Life has been pretty rough for me with *gestures at the world in general* and your silly random number generator has given me so much fun, joy, happiness and inspiration. I've started crafting again, and drawing again because of how inspired I was by your game and the community you've crafted. Thank you. Lizzie
Thanks for providing a ton of creative and crazy seasons! Nevone
Thank you so much for creating this splort! 🙇‍♀️ New things happening in Blaseball is something I look forward to every day. I've met great new friends and gotten to be part of such an amazing community, thanks to Blaseball. You're doing a great job! Audrey (@mintyproof)
i’ve only been here a few days but i’m already having an awesome time and can’t wait to see more! thank you so much you’re cool denne
Thanks TGB - I was feeling real bad given the current circumstances, but you've provided a little something to occupy my time and put my mind at ease. Cuttlefishman - W. Coney
Hi! I don't know what other people are writing for messages but I just really wanted to thank you for Blaseball. It's brought me a lot of happiness, a lot of relief from personal stress, and inspired a lot of creativity. But most of all: I sent Blaseball to my older brother because I thought he would like it. We've never been super close, but for the past two months we've been talking almost every day, swapping theories, discussing lore, me trying every single week to explain the math behind party time and failing. It's a missing piece that I didn't realize was missing until I got it back. Thank you for that. Thank you for everything, but especially that. <3 Jaz @waveridden
I would have to say... that nothing in my life has impacted me as much as Blaseball has in the last months. It has been my greatest source of joy and mirth, as well as sadness, and it's making me feel creative again in a way I haven't felt in a long time. Sincerely, Thank you. "Panda"
Blaseball has given me a community where I instantly felt welcome. It's helped me through a major depressive rut. And has helped me deal with the loss of a family member. Thank you all so much, you're doing a great job! Lindsey Rae
Blaseball is so perfectly weird and I love it. Thank you for making it a thing. Stare into the sun! jazz
Blaseball might be one of the most exciting experiences I've ever had! Thanks so much for making such a brilliant game. Stargate18
Thank you so much for bringing a bit of excitement back into what's been a pretty hellish time in my life. I'll admit I've never been much of a sports fan. My dad took me to a ton of b*seball and football games as a kid and I never really understood the appeal of it. But splorts, on the other hand..... I still don't understand what made me love Blaseball so much. But I've found a new community, a new team to root for, and a new god to kill. I'm so grateful for Blaseball and I can't wait to see what comes next. Heather (Go Steaks!)
Thank you for creating something so fun and chaotic during this time. Blaseball and the blaseball community has really helped to brighten some challenging weeks! We are all love blaseball. Emii
I came into Blaseball around season 5 and it was confusing because Blaseball is confusing. It's a whirlwind of lore and history and chaos. It took a couple days, but I began to see what it really is which is a tapestry. Blaseball is not a game, it is a cultural event. It is life changing to whomever truly dives head first into it. Blaseball is a website and yet it is more fully immersive than and virtual reality game. Blaseball exists on a browser but it's world is more interesting and expansive than any open world sandbox. You folks at the Game Band have created this revolutionary thing that has truly changed my life. The people I have met as a Sunbeam have opened my eyes as to how great humanity really can be. I truly wept for hours when Randall Marijuana was incinerated. In my tears, I wondered why I felt so deeply for this character that was just a series of number and letters on a browser window. It is because of how wholeheartedly the Game Band has embraced its community. It is because of how hard the developers work to make the community have a say in what happens. Im not sure another game like Blaseball will ever exist in my lifetime, but know that what you all have created here defies all expectation of what a game can and should be. Stare into the Sun and Thank you Penny a.k.a strawberriesmakecents
Thank you for creating something that gets me out of bed and gets me creating. It's been a really hard year, especially as a playwright, but your "silly" game has given me a reason to write again. And not just for other people, I've been writing for myself, for the first time in a long time. You've also given me and my partner something that we can connect with and communicate through. Blaseball's charm and wonder doesn't come from the game itself, it comes from the community surrounding it, and the fact that you guys could pull this off so flawlessly is just... incredible. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Matthew @mattycblack
Blaseball has been a reliable comfort in the past few months of this terrible terrible year. It makes it easier to get through the week knowing I can look forward to cool new stuff happening in Blaseball on the weekend. Y'all do an amazing job for such a small team on such a big thing. Seriously, it's a wonderful thing you've all made. Rowan, beams fan
Thank you so much for putting something so special together during this trying time! I seriously never cared about sports until this, and now I'm following splorts and practicing defense law on a discord. What? Who cares, it's rad! GO SUNBEAMS. Catherine Reed
thonk ye for all the fun pommedeterre
thank you so much for putting this rad thing together! you're all doing a great job and we love you <3 @squeakanine
thanks yeah
You are doing a great job! Phoenix
I was sad for a long time. They I found blaseball. I am no longer sad. Will
Thank you for such a wild ride. Yggdrasil
Thank you for making the 2020 Game of the Year! Dallas of the Dallas Steaks
i love u tgb xoxo
You all rock and this game is amazing. Thank you so much! Nathan Oshlag
Thank You!!!!! Echo
Hey game band! Thanks for creating such an awesome game that's given me something to wake up to in the quarantine. Here's from the LIDL WOW division! Kein
Thank you so much for making this happen, I’ve met so many amazing people through blaseball and without y’all it never would have happened. Beans
This game came at exactly the right time for me. Thank you so much! Lyn
I've never expected to be a sports fan but you guys did it ZergToss
Thanks so much for being together this great community. My 60 hour work days would be so much worse without blaseball Vivek
<3 this game. tysm Ryne
TGB you have brought a ton of joy into my life through this silly simulation Shahand
Thank you for the wonderful experience that is Blaseball, it has been an absolute blast so far and I can't wait to see where it goes from here! :) Oceanity
Blaseball has been getting me through these past few weeks! I really really appreciate everything that this game and its community is. Thank you so much for making this wonderful story for us. Rodge
baseball baseball
I never thought I'd find a group of people, a game as silly/horrifying/wonderful, as Blaseball, especially given the times. Things are bleak, but this is a delight. Thank you for all your hard work. Stephen Adams, Coldhammer of the Yellowstone Magic
I love you & I'm proud of you. Taco Dad
You guys are doing such a fucking cool job, I wish you all the best, you beautiful people! Gangrene Queen(on the discord): Kansas breath mint
Thank you for Blaseball! We are all love you! Jeffinated
Thanks for not pulling your punches, too much of the time anyway. Dappe
This game is so much fun. Thank you so much for providing us with a series of blank canvasses, tastefully arrayed in a beautiful art gallery, which is balancing on the lip of the Hellmouth that is also, somehow, in one of the Los Angeli. Thank you for taking the lore we have painted onto those canvasses and working them into a gorgeous community art project. This rocks. Thank you so much. Astridsdream aka Astrid (she/her)
Every season, I think "this is the best, most exciting season yet", and also "there's no way next season can be as good" but here we are - keep going!! featherwings
Blaseball has made my workdays so much easier to get through! My creativity has gotten a kick as well. You guys are good people. KarpskryparN
thank you for blaseball!!! i love this community and splort maddie :)
Hi TGB!!! I wanted to thank you so much for making Blaseball. It has been an endless source of joy and community in a time where I don't have a lot of joy or community. Bee
Thank you for putting up with our chaotic temperament and lack of brain cell. We love you and are grateful for being in the hellmouth now. Please don't come to the hellmouth. ps: ave pope sunman ASmith1675
Thank you tgb. Thank you for creating something that hasn't just inspired me creatively, but empathically - it has literally changed both the way I view myself and the world around me. Coming at a time when things are frequently bleak in that world, it is a precious thing indeed. Understanding your own identity is something a lot of people struggle with, in all sorts of different ways. The world you have created, from perhaps humble origins, is so welcoming, so accepting, that it has been a great friend of that journey of self discovery - at least for me. You might not be responsible for every single (often mad) creation in the world of Blaseball, but you are what keeps that engine of wonderful madness going, this little pocket universe you have discovered is a vast and beautiful place to discover yourself in. It reminds me a little of some of the best immersive theater I have worked on/attended, not only presenting something complete and interesting in it's own right, but allowing the attendee to spin away into a world of possibility and creativity that really shouldn't be possible with the modest props used. This, combined with the support given to developing a truly fantastic community, means I know that I'll be staring into the sun for a long, long time yet. Thank you, tgb. Solistic Detective Barb Logic
TGB y'all are truly incredible, thank you so much for all the insane work you put into this game and this community. I've been really grateful to find such a beautiful cultural even to gather around with other people in what feels like a very isolating time, and to be so inspired as to even make music for it has been a joy. Words aren't enough but I hope they're close. Zack (zack.ry from the garages <3)
Thank you so much for putting so much effort, creativity, love, time, and money into creating one of the best communities and ARGs. I'm so greatful for all the joy and new friends Blaseball has brought into my life. Thank you so much and The Game Band is doing a great job. Kelsey Fink
You're doing a great job! soL
This has brought the sunlight of the hellmouth to my drab pandemic days. <3 Thank y'all kindly. River
Thank you so much for this spot of joy. I'm disabled and I don't get to go out much even in a normal year, so it means a lot to have this game and story to share with my friends. Sprout
Thanks for making such a fun game and helping to build such a cool community around it! Kirby
thank you tgb for brightening up my finals week!!!
peepee The Underminer
Thank you for creating Blaseball! It has been an excellent experience! Tarkya
henlo tgb thank you for blase ball erobo314#6449 @commishgoogles
blaseball gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning! thank you for these updating text boxes bozu
thanks for your awesome b*seball dnd first time ive had so much fun in quite a while shay!
we love you tbg thank you for blaseball!!!!! Kicks
thank you for giving us all play ball vesta
Blaseball has existed for such a short time but it already means so much to me and I have so much fun playing and trying to guess what y'all have planned every week! Thank you so much, The Game Band Is Doing A Great Job Lydia Squidias
Blaseball has been an inspiration and I am incredibly excited to see where this game goes in the future. The concept of "Cooperative Idle Game" is wild and neat and I love it and wish there was more like it. A Cactus
Thank you so much for making something so unbelievably cool and fun! RIV jaime
Thank you so much for founding and engaging with this community! It's been an amazing experience, and really brings joy to me every day. Go Flowers! whyica
Thank you so much for fostering this incredible community. The commissioner, and the entire team, is doing a great job. This has been a highlight of an otherwise hellish year. We are all, literally, love blaseball. BedWords 👟👟
I've made so many friends through Blaseball! & it's one of the few good things in my world right now tbh. Thank you for listening to us & putting your energy & time into this game <3 (as above so below ✨) Aeon
You lot are doing an incredible job and im so happy to be able to enjoy your work! I hope you guys are able to get your moneys worth of this amazing cultural event Sword control
Blaseball is truly a wonderful experience. Thank you for everything you have done in writing the narratives, creating the systems, allowing for random outcomes.... Enjoying blaseball has reinspire me to return to game development and try following my passion projects through to completion. N8
Thank you! Blaseball is an awesome game and an awesome community, it really is a bright spot in a pretty dark time. BattleOoze
I am extremely new here but have found a community that gets as chaotic as I can get and also it's a lot of fun to sᴛᴀʀᴇ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴜɴ. THANK YOU! RNHornets AKA R🌞B
I'm not great with words but thank you for making something to help me forget the state of the world sometimes! I think i understand people that follow sports better now, haha. I'm also pretty glad the team has been inclusive and promoting a friendly environment :) Here's to more cosmic horror b(l)aseball lol🍻 Ash
This is all so good. You've all brought such joy and happiness to so many people in the worst year most can remember and seeing how much Blaseball Cares has done makes me cry. You've gotten so many internet weirdos to decide to do good and reward us constantly with this game. Clement Truitt
Thank you to everyone who has been putting so much time, effort, and creativity into making Blaseball. It's another thing this year that has been both constantly exciting and unpredictable, but the only one that's doing it in a good way. I appreciate you! Pinecone Eater
Thank you so much for this wonderfully addictive game and community! Scoot
Thank you with my whole heart for giving us this tremendous emergent narrative, found story, paean to baseball (a real sport I am cursed to love). I am so grateful to you and everything you do, and I hope you eat food you love and get lots of rest. Also, please say the word blalk. Alex F (@shiradrenaline)
Quarantine's been a really rough time for me, and I cannot thank you enough for providing a consistent flow of joy in these truly terrible times. Proud MT Since Season 3
Thank you SO much for blaseball! It is making an enormous positive difference to my life right now and I thank you for it with my whole heart. Thank you thank you thank you! nell
I can imagine what 2020 would've looked like without Blaseball and it's significantly more miserable. Endlessly thankful to both you guys and the community for creating one of the great sources of joy this year! You're doing a great job! Theo
we are all love the game band <3 Bee
Thank you so much!!! I only joined this week and I'm having a great time! I am love blaseball!!!!! Lynnie~
You have really given me something to look forward to in 2020. Thank you for all of your hard work! I can't wait to see what all you have planned in the future! Herald
Wherever we go after this, we will always feel The Tug of the amazing community you hosted and helped build and guide. Thank you TGB! Heck

And once again. Thank you so much for this amazing community and splort.